Jade’s Success Story

Jade came to me for personal training for 4 months building up to her wedding.

Her primary goal was to lose body fat so that she felt and looked as good as she possibly could for her wedding day.

An initial consultation was done so that we could build the full picture so that we the plan for Jade was as person centred as possible.

We covered Jade’s sleep, nutrition, working hours, current fitness and exercise and created a schedule to coincide with what would work for her.

Jade trained with me twice per week and was given additional targets to hit when she wasn’t at the gym. Targets such as step targets and calorie targets. No crash dieting, simply monitoring her calorie intake and targeting 80% high nutrient dense foods throughout her week with 20% being less nutrient dense foods that Jade enjoys.

In the 4 months training, Jade did tremendously losing a substantial amount of body fat and becoming fitter and more confident in the process.

The other thing that should be noted is how much Jade said she disliked exercising prior to us beginning working together. After our 4 months working together, Jade by her own admission said she enjoyed it much more than she’d anticipated which was great to hear!

I for one am very proud of what we achieved together in a relatively short space of time with the final progress picture (pictured above) showing off some of the gains Jade made.

Well done Jade