what our

Clients say

We’re proud to have the opportunity to work with so many dedicated and hard-working clients to help them achieve their goals!

We’re passionate about achieving fantastic results, and our results really do speak for themselves!

what our

Clients say

We’re proud to have the opportunity to work with so many dedicated and hard-working clients to help them achieve their goals!

We’re passionate about achieving fantastic results, and our results really do speak for themselves!

my personal trainer for the past 2 years

I've been working with Angus Smith as my personal trainer for the past 2 years, and the transformation I've experienced both physically and mentally has been nothing short of incredible. I can wholeheartedly say that Angus isn't just a personal trainer; he's a game-changer in the truest sense.   For years, I've dealt with lingering injuries that not only affected my ability to exercise but also impacted my daily life.

Angus took the time to understand these issues and tailored a program specifically for me, aimed at resolving these long-standing problems. His efforts paid off; not only have those injuries been resolved, but they've also not recurred thanks to his training regimen and advice.   Strength and flexibility were other areas I wanted to focus on, and Angus excelled in helping me build both.

His wide knowledge of exercise science and his eye for detail meant that every session was maximized for effectiveness. I'm now lifting weights I never thought possible, and my flexibility has improved dramatically.   What I especially appreciate about Angus is his holistic approach to fitness. He understands that building a healthy body is a team effort, and he's been keen to work in combination with other healthcare providers, like physiotherapists, massage therapists, and osteopaths, to ensure that all aspects of my well-being are taken into account.

It's not just about lifting more weights or moving faster for him; it's about creating a well-rounded health plan.   Reliability is a trait that everyone wants in a personal trainer, and Angus has proven to be extremely dependable. Whether it's accommodating last-minute changes in training plans or being consistently on time for sessions, he's been nothing but professional.   But what really sets Angus apart is his motivational spirit and friendly demeanour. Even on days when I'm not feeling 100%, Angus knows exactly how to encourage me to give my best. His approach is not just about pushing you harder; it's about making you want to push yourself harder.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Angus Smith as a personal trainer. Whether you're new to the world of fitness or you're looking to take your physical health to the next level, Angus is the person to help you get there. Thank you, Angus, for not just being a fantastic trainer, but also a great friend and mentor.

Stewart Foster

The results spoke for themselves

I have been working with Angus since April ‘22. From the first screening session, Angus has tailored each workout to my individual requirements, addressing my areas for improvement and has explained how each exercise relates to improving my strength and power for golf. In October ‘22 Angus carried out a second screening session to check that we were making improvements in the right areas. The results spoke for themselves and I was really happy with the progress that had been made. These improvements have helped me to achieve my aim of getting down to a single figure handicap for the first time. I cannot recommend Angus highly enough, his attention to detail really does ensure that you get the most out of each session!

Andy Niven

My confidence has grown immensely and my enjoyment of exercise has never been higher

I have been with Angus for over a year recommended by one of my golfing friends as I wanted to get fitter, lose some weight and play better golf. Since I started my confidence has grown immensely and my enjoyment of exercise has never been higher. With Angus’s guidance with nutrition and lifestyle I have managed to see fat loss gains seeing my weight drop and fitting in to smaller clothes than previously. I now hit the ball much further than I ever have and my stamina has improved substantially which means I now find playing 18 holes less exhausting so I can play my best stuff until the end of my round. I’m much more active in general and look forward to exercise which is a first for me. I have recently joined a new golf club and won my first competition which has been a massive deal for me and i could not have done it without Angus support. He is patient and understands my strengths/weaknesses and work around any niggles i might have I am doing exercises i never thought i was capable of because Angus makes me believe i can!

Susan Jopling

Angus is essential

I've been training with Angus for eighteen months now - initially just for a few sessions to help me plan a gym routine and gain confidence. I soon discovered he is indispensable.

This middle aged body is now more confident, stronger, and moves better than it ever did. Ever! I'm super grateful for Angus' nuanced plans and individualised, respectful sessions. He is ever-enthusiastic and encouraging without being condescending.

Angus has never stopped learning - maintaining interest and increasing depth of understanding, without becoming faddish.

Angus is essential.

Fiona Gray

Angus has been able to anticipate problems and create solutions

Angus has been working with me for nearly two years now and I am always impressed by his professionalism, expertise and care for his clients. In the past, I have struggled to train because of knee, neck and shoulder issues.

Angus has been able to anticipate problems and create solutions through training so that I am no longer troubled by these issues. Training with Angus is always a pleasure and as a result of his coaching, I now make better nutrition choices and have become fitter, leaner, more mobile and more flexible. My motivation is higher than it has been in years!

Scott Matthews

He is motivating and importantly makes it fun!

I was first introduced to Angus last October and I cannot praise him enough.

He wasn't daunted by my advancing year's but instead worked with me to enable me to be as fit and supple as I could to compliment my golf.

Then came the last lockdown and throughout that time Angus coached me twice per week via zoom. He is motivating and importantly makes it fun! I came out of lockdown having maintained my fitness level which I didn't expect.

Angus makes our sessions suitably challenging and varied without losing sight of remaining consistent with my programming. Aches and pains I once struggled with, Angus has helped them greatly and through identifying those issues has improved my movement which in turn has helped my golf. I have even lost weight which wasn't obvious to lose.

Whatever you need from a trainer/coach, I recommend Angus. I haven't looked back!

Yvonne Steane

Our workouts are always fun and upbeat, with Angus giving encouragement the whole time.

"I started my fitness journey with Angus in Autumn 2019. At the time, I was recovering from a total hip replacement (aged 39) and three broken feet (and I've only got two legs!). The initial goal was to improve overall mobility and reduce the on-going pain in my hip. Over time, I started seeing a vast improvement in my mobility, flexibility and fitness and I decided to take it one step further and lose the additional weight I had gained when I was recuperating. With Angus' guidance and indefatigable encouragement, I have lost an incredible 15kg and have shaped up beyond recognition. Angus has tailored my fitness programme to meet my goals while also being ever mindful of my injuries.

During the summer lockdown of 2020 I took up golf. I drew on Angus' expertise and with his guidance I have gone from a complete novice to winning ladies golf competitions in less than a year.

Our workouts are always fun and upbeat, with Angus giving encouragement the whole time. Consistency is key and with commitment, dedication and support I have achieved more than I thought possible when I started my fitness journey. I cannot recommend Angus highly enough and I am privileged to have him as my personal trainer."

Wendy Fail

He has been a life saver to me - he has encouraged me like no other

I initially exercised to relieve stress at work about 4 years ago having never really exercised before but started to lose weight which I didnt intend and without any control - so I started training with sumone who did help me stop losing weight but only seemed interested in increasing my weight load at every session and made me feel guilty if I ever indulged on food and drink outside my My Fitness suggested daily calories.

I started to go to the gym myself instead but felt uncertain of using the equipment and technique which at the age of 54 I couldnt afford to do and end up potentially injuring myself - I found Angus via a post from a friend on Facebook and got in touch at the beginning of this year.

He has been a life saver to me - he has encouraged me like no other - I wanted to be fit but also to continue my social life which involves regular meals and drinks with friends....and midway through the year I was struggling to do so without feeling guilty towards my training and fitness - feeling as though my clothes were feeling marginally tighter than before! I am a size 8 but still could feel my clothes feeling a bit more clingy!

I mentioned this to Angus and said I wanted to maintain my fitness without losing my lifestyle and feeling guilty about it - he reviewed my nutrition with me and gave me some suggestions, he also made me look at my calorie intake as a weekly target not daily so that I could still have my social events yet be healthier on the other days to have a balance.

He compiled personal programmes for me to do at home and compliment my weekly session in the gym with him, knowing full well I wasnt comfortable going to a gym by myself.

Since August I have committed myself to following his programmes at home so as to be comfortable when over indulging on a regular basis re birthday celebrations and Christmas. I have never felt fitter, and looked fitter than I do now - my weight is only marginally lighter than a year ago but I am so much more toned and the core exercises I do make my body feel so much fitter - I feel so much stronger too which is probably where the weight has gone - to my muscles.

Angus is always encouraging me even when I may be struggling with a long term injury that I have - he helps me manage it so I can continue to train without making it worse.

Without the support and encouragement Angus has given me and the personal exercise programmes he has compiled for me to do the extra fitness sessions I wanted to do at home as well as with him each week, I would not feel that I am in the best shape ever nor feel so healthy and look forward to my training sessions each week with him - even though he never lets me get away with an easy session however much I occasionally try.....and I would never want him to. I want to put in as much effort with my sessions as I feel he shows me each week - he always personally plans them week by week.

I love training with Angus for the results I have achieved, the social lifestyle I can still maintain, the motivation and focus I now have - all because he has shown me how it is all possible if I have the right balance with my nutrition, calorie intake and the right mental attitude to keep fit and exercise. I can't thank him enough as I feel more confident in myself too.

Thank you Angus!

Sheila Thoms

Working out never felt like a chore!

Angus trained me last year during his visit to New Zealand. Not only did I notice results that I’d never seen before, I loved (and still do love) going to the gym to workout. I love lifting weights so he designed my program around exercises I enjoy and working out never felt like a chore. Extremely friendly and approachable, I recommend Angus to any man or woman looking to improve their fitness.

Philippa Walker

I always leave feeling like I can take on the world!

After years of struggling with an eating disorder and an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise, I came to Angus as one final effort to rest my thinking. I cannot believe the positive effect Angus has had on both my mind and my body. The last three months, I have noticed such a difference in my mood, my attitude to food and of course, my body. In the past the changes in weight and physical appearance would have scared me senseless, but with Angus's encouragement and CONSTANT support, I am managing to silence the negative thoughts and for the first time in years, I am starting to become proud of my body and how strong it is becoming. There are still days when I struggle, but it is not long before Angus has me back on the right track.

Training sessions are always varied, fun and I always leave feeling like I can take on the world! Thanks Angus – you really are a lifesaver!

I completely recommend Angus!


I feel stronger after each session and my confidence is growing everyday!

People may think if you have a woman's condition, like endometriosis, you should train with a female personal trainer, because they may understand more. But you couldn't be more wrong!

I've had a big endo flare up over the past 4 days, which has resulted in me taking strong painkillers again. Today I was back training with Angus and he made sure we did plenty of exercises to strengthen my lower pelvic area. I don't often say this but this guy has changed my life since I began training with him in April 2018. I feel stronger after each session and my confidence is growing everyday.

Thank you Angus!

Alanna McCarroll

Angus has not only helped me in the gym but outside of it too.

Deciding to train with Angus was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I started training with Angus to lose a bit of weight and I got so much more. When I began training, I found it difficult. Basic movements were a significant challenge due to my disability (Cerebral Palsy). This was not a barrier to Angus we could discuss and adapt exercises to best suit my needs. This has allowed me to be able to reach goals and much more. 

Angus has not only helped me in the gym but outside of it too. Without even realising it, the advice and guidance he has given me has improved my quality of life. This includes movement and with my diet. I can say that I am feeling and looking great and that is in a large part to the hard work Angus has put in. 

I could not recommend him enough. You start with a personal trainer with great knowledge. Before you know it, you’re friends working towards a shared goal. 

James Doyle

I really can't thank Angus enough for his continued help, support and encouragement he gives Ramesh

I first met Angus when he was a care worker, taking care of my husband (Ramesh) after he'd suffered a brain hemorrhage. Ramesh’s brain hemorrhage left him with brain damage, short term memory loss and wheelchair bound unable to use his lower body. I had searched high and low for the best options in helping Ramesh to lose weight and be able to weight bear including several gyms, physiotherapists and home exercises.

When Angus changed careers to become a full time Personal Trainer, I was very keen for him to help with Ramesh’s rehabilitation. Ramesh struggles to accept gym encouragement from most people, however he always listens to Angus due to his approach and knowledge of supporting people with disabilities. Ramesh now visits Angus twice a week for sessions and always seems like he enjoys them despite Angus pushing him so that he gets the most out of each session. He has come on leaps and bounds since starting personal training with Angus, losing weight, gaining strength and now being able to transfer himself with the support of his carers from wheelchair to the car etc. Angus manages to keep Ramesh’s concentration on point when hes not in the best frame of mind, he personalises the sessions perfectly for Ramesh and he has given nutrition advice and has always been there if we have had any questions regarding health and fitness.

I really can't thank Angus enough for his continued help, support and encouragement he gives him. The positive impact he has on Ramesh’s life is fantastic and I would highly recommend Angus to anyone who suffers with any type of disability either physical or mental.

Poonam Jassal

With Angus I was given motivation every session!

I trained with Angus last year on the run up to my holidays. I've had a gym membership in the past which have been a waste of time and money because I’ve either not had the motivation or the knowledge to use the gym facilities.

With Angus I was given motivation every session and learnt so much in the way of eating right and the exercises I needed to achieve my goals. I went from finding working out a chore to looking forward to it.

I completely recommend Angus!

Andy Rose

My stamina and endurance has improved

I started my training with Angus in January of this year and over the last 4 months I have managed to drop in weight, reduce my body fat and develop muscle in several areas. I have seen significant gains in my ability and motivation to exercise regularly with viable results. My stamina and endurance has improved resulting in me feeling more energized and confident.

The sessions devised by Angus have been tailored to my specific abilities and have become gradually more challenging as my fitness levels have improved. Angus has provided me with the support to push myself and reach personal targets week on week.

I would 100% recommend Angus's PT sessions to anyone who would like to improve their fitness and well-being. In addition to personal training Angus has provided me with advice around nutrition and put together an individualized exercise plan that I have been able to undertake at home.

Many thanks Angus!

Daniel Jones

I had never had a sports massage before but Angus clearly explained what he was doing and why and put me at ease.

I initially started to go to Angus for sports massage to help with a recurring ache and pain in my left shoulder. The pain became intense and onset whilst doing burpees, bear crawls or press-ups....any full body, weight-beating exercise became painful. That, coupled with a deep ache in the same area after sitting at my desk for 12 hour shifts, I just knew it was time to seek help. I am so pleased I did!

In the first session, Angus identified that whilst my pain was in my shoulder blade area, it was likely due to my lower back where I was also holding a lot of tension, and got to work. It took maybe three sessions before I realised I wasn’t aching during my stressful shift, I had no pain when doing exercises...I was able to complete exercise sessions without pain, which in turn helped me to become stronger and subsequently fitter. However, apart from the physical benefits of sports massage, I was astounded to realise the impact the psychological benefits were having on me. Improved mood, better sleep and a deep sense of peace. I found that a regular sports massage was as good for the body as it was for the mind and soul! An unexpected side effect, if you like!

I would not, and do not, hesitate to recommend Angus if you are considering sports massage. He is a professional, well-qualified and extremely knowledgeable in his field.

Sarah Redpath


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