James’ Success Story

I began coaching James in the summer of 2020. James has cerebral palsy and had very clear ideas/goals in mind which he wanted to achieve. Fat loss being high on the agenda, improved balance, posture and coordination being important and improved general fitness being the other.

We created a plan as to how often James would be able to train with me (twice per week) and how often he could get into the gym on his own (once per week). James gets the additional workout sent to my training app for him to access.

James hit the ground running, always giving great feedback with regards to any difficulties he had when training. As anybody who knows anything about cerebral palsy will know, there is no two people the same. So any feedback James gave was taken note of.

With creating workout plans and nutrition guidance specific to James’ needs, we have seen fantastic strides in the right direction with all of the goals James and I originally agreed were achievable.

James has dropped a substantial amount of body fat (as shown in his transformation pictures), he has improved his posture and made great strides forward with his balance and coordination. This is all without mentioning his new found energy/fitness levels!

This guy works his socks off!

Its important to note that James managed to make these gains despite lockdown interrupting his gym training.

I’m genuinely very proud of what James has achieved and look forward to helping him maintain what he has already done whilst pushing him on to achieve more!

Well done James