Wendy’s Success Story

Wendy began training with me in November 2019 with her main focus and goal being to strengthen her hip after having a full right hip replacement. 

Initially Wendy made slow progress but as we tweaked her nutrition choices alongside her dropping a little bit of body fat, we really started to see some gains.

When the coronavirus lockdown hit at the back end of March 2020, Wendy committed to continuing her PT via zoom 3 times per week but she found gains hard to come by during these months.

The real success came when gyms re-opened! Wendy came back to the gym full of enthusiasm, drive and determination raring to get results.

Wendy worked tremendously in the gym and as her hip pain decreased, we changed Wendy’s goal to getting her body fat down and improving her overall mobility to compliment her golf.

Wendy to this date has now managed to lose 15kg on the scales whilst being as strong as she ever has been. She also won her first ever golf competition this season and her right hip is giving her less issues now than it has since she initially injured it.

Wendy puts the work in, always shows up and always gives her all (even on the days when she doesn’t feel as up for it).

Here’s to supporting Wendy to making more golf gains to get her handicap down as far as we can whilst never losing site of those past injuries which will forever need to be kept strong!

Well done Wendy!

I discovered my interest in health and fitness as a young adult seeking gym support for knee injuries sustained through playing golf. It quickly became part of my daily lifestyle and a hobby that turned into a career as a personal trainer.

Having spent a substantial amount of my working life as a Support Worker / Care Manager, going that extra mile for your client was always a given. Bringing that mindset, positive attitude and personal approach has become an integral part of the service provided to this day.

As a freelance personal trainer based in Newcastle upon Tyne and Ponteland, I offer an elite service that goes far beyond a dedicated one-hour training session. At Angus Smith Fitness, you will benefit from a specialised service allowing you to enjoy the ride whilst achieving the results you hoped for. On meeting you, we will discuss your personal goals and create a bespoke personal training programme specifically tailored for you, considering health, current fitness, limitations, lifestyle and nutrition.

I recognise that everyone is an individual who requires a bespoke personal training programme to suit them and achieve the desired results.

If you want to be the best you can be, I look forward to working with you!