Yvonne’s Success Story

Yvonne is one of the golfing clients I have the pleasure of training. Although golf has quickly become one of the main focuses around how I program Yvonne’s training, it wasn’t initially why she came to me for personal training.

Yvonne had a couple of niggles when we first began her training. Her right hip was causing her a few issues whilst her left shoulder was also an area of concern with limited range of movement.

Through a course of corrective exercise, I am delighted to say that the issue around the right hip Yvonne was suffering with has eased tremendously. Alongside side her decrease in pain, we have managed to improve her range of movement with her hips and hamstrings. This has helped her golf considerably and she is now hitting the ball better and further than she has in years.

She is as competitive with golf now as she has been in years and has just made it through to her home clubs matchplay final. Obviously I’m hoping she brings home the trophy!

As for the left shoulder, Yvonne has managed to decrease the discomfort with it (despite still not being perfect). Through corrective exercise and strength work, her shoulder discomfort is 100% going in the right direction!

Yvonne and I are always discussing targets/goals which do change. Yvonne made the decision a few months ago that she wanted to lose body fat.

With an adjustment made to calorie targets, Yvonne has lost more than a stone in weight and is feeling fantastic because of it.

As Yvonne and I do, we adjust goals to suit and move goal posts where necessary.

I’m really proud of what Yvonne has achieved thus far whilst we’ve been training together and can’t wait to see the next positive gains she makes!